Nikvi's Communa from Tkibuli, Imereti

"Nikvi's Communa" is a community based unity of rural women and youth, using local potential and resources to cultivate and gather sorts of mushrooms and agricultural products in Kursebi village, west Georgia; mainly the community is focused on Amanita Caesarea commonly known as Caesar's Mushroom, highly regarded edible mushroom.

For us mushroom is the inspiration of food art and cooking so we connect modern art, gastronomy, rural life and ecotourism under sociocultural hub; after 1 year of hard work we have created the concept and atmosphere of “Mushroom Art House” where guests are kindly invited to take part in mushroom tours together with locals, share cooking experience and recipes of mushroom delicacies that community ladies are offering, stay at local families and use this unique potential as a play ground for different art visions and inspiration. Social engagement in art projects are driving force of our community to develop more. Together with our local guides community guests are highly welcome to explore the authentic cultural heritage and historical sites located nearby of our geographical area, less popular, less known for mass-tourism, still virgin, wild and mysterious.

This project serves as a model of development of community based tourism in rural areas, aims to support and strengthen Kursebi and nearby villages, create jobs for local women and youth, empower and improve the social and economic conditions of local people, enhance their opportunities to earn money for living and this way prevent their migration from the village.

For any particular query, partnership in projects and booking of services please feel free to e-mail Nikvis Communa : / or contact us diretly on for insightful information.

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